Property- and business-interruption insurance is a highly complex subject and so it is important to organise the business very well. Regular we facing organisations who has problems with that.

Think about notion of quality of risks and portfolio.

     • Accumulation of locations
• Undesirable underwriting
• Analyse of portfolio
• Wrong or incomplete codes
• Maintenance work of portfolio
• Control of existing policies
• Protection of status prevention
• Survey policy
• Statistic analyse
• Reinsurance
Above mentioned examples are e few of the problems organisations can have but there are much more.

Many organisations has employees who are intertwined in their way of work. It can also be that an organisation has no idea that improvement can be very useful. Specially then it is not unwise to verify the organisation by a third party. The results could be very startling.

B4Y B4Y Services advice en offer also solutions
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B4Y Services

B4Y Services is a young enthusiastic company, no-nonsenses with a lot of experience in insurance fort property- and business-interruption.

The knowledge and experience we gained comes from the local market and the Co-insurance market (Insurance-bourse at Amsterdam and Rotterdam).
The VNAB is the represented organisation of the bourse. Members are Insurance-Companies, Insurance-Brokers and Insurance-Agencies. Read further »