FURST and software

FURST is a tailormade digital insurance platform incl. integrated risk management

Target group FURST
  • Assured Small sme’s up to middle market
  • Users Intermediaries and brokers
  • (Re)Insurers Direct and/or represented by Delegated Underwriting Company (DUC)
What does FURST offer to intermediaries?
  • Online application and handling of business non-life insurance
  • Digital underwriting and handling
  • Submissions by tailormade work
  • Efficiency to request quotations via the encrypted login
  • No paper hassle
  • With sufficient underwriting capacity : "placing broking" is not needed anymore
  • Risk management (inspections)
  • Fast acquisition opportunities
What does FURST offer to insurers?
  • Online executing their underwriting policy
  • Implementing risk management integrated with underwriting
  • Compliance proof (CIS/FISH, UBO, AVG etc.)
  • Strict control
  • The intermediary is responsible for the data-input
  • Real time insight and grip on results

Insurance products:

Property and related products
  • Property and business interruption
  • Glass
  • Light advertising
  • Money transport
  • Environmental damage
Technical insurance
  • Computers
  • Electronics and equipment
  • Machinery breakdown
  • Machinery breakdown business interruption
  • Construction All Risks
  • Assembly/mounting
Various Insurance
  • Public and products liability
  • Professional liability
  • Directors & officers liability
  • Personal accident based on actual damage to personnel (7:611 good employership)
  • Accident and health based on insured amounts
  • Cyber and data
  • Trailers
  • Freight transport
  • Legal aid
  • Work material
Specific risk-underwriting by FURST:
  • Premium and underwriting capacity automatically based on underwriting guidelines
  • Screening of requests for selected claims -percentage and -frequency
  • Email traffic integrated, via workflow and STP processing
Variables to achieve a premium and share for property insurance
  • Type of occupancy
  • Type of construction
  • Choice of deductible
  • Form of coverage
  • Business interruption/extra costs
  • Supply-, customers-risk in case of business interruption
  • Sum insured
  • Capacity adjustment by accumulation based on GPS
  • Quality and prevention
  • Fire -load and -spread
  • Etcetera
Variables for liability insurance
  • Premium based on turnover or wages to choose
  • Different deductibles
  • Different Sub Limits
  • Digital premium post-settlement
  • Tailormade coverage based on specific capacities possible
  • Inspection of risks is possible
  • Clauses to extend coverage
  • Etcetera
  • Everything through STP (Straight Through Processing)
  • STP can be adapted to your needs
  • 24/7 online
Specific features FURST:
  • FURST works on any device such as smartphone, tablet etc.
  • FURST can transfer data such as XML-module, JSON, CSV etcetera
  • All information is digital so "BIG DATA" is achieved
  • Analyze the portfolio goes well by FURST (possibly on real time)
  • Undesirable underwriting is not possible
  • FURST includes processing of reinsurance and/or specials
  • Any insurance-line can be added
  • International platform possible on multi language and translation
  • International platform can be treated centrally
FURST is saving costs for insurance companies:
  • Low employment commitment for insurer
  • Quick response
  • Automatic risk management
  • Automatic control of quality and status prevention
  • Limited investment for insurer
  • Efficient access to unique distribution possibilities
Risk management:
  • Integrated in FURST
  • Based on inspection policy – > (re-) inspection and maintenance recommendations etcetera
  • Self and/or through outsourcing
  • Risk management policy is translated into FURST that provides a grading automatically
  • Grading determines the quality, underwriting capacity and premium
  • Building data history
  • Accumulation by GPS and classification
  • Premium compliance by calculation according to tailormade work
FURST is particularly interesting for intermediaries and insurers who:
  • Are not being in charge of existing (old-fashioned) complex systems that do not communicate with each other and/or being based on old programming language
  • Are interested to make large digital improvements over the existing traditional environment
  • Wants to join the commercial lines market by making use of current digital possibilities with minimal costs.
  • And based on current and future requirements such as Compliance, Solvency, PAR and organizations such as AFM/DNB
  • Want to operate a professional business insurance market in a controlled manner with relatively small investments
  • Like to be involved local and international business 24/7
  • Are willing to be part of a new digital area by FURST, in order to have a fully controlled and sound business operation through delegated underwriting
FURST is a lean and mean online platform.
By applying the specialist insurance and ICT, FURST originated.
FURST is a SQL internet application with database structure (PHP programmed).
Furst remains up to date and consists of more than:
  • 175,000 programmed PHP Rules
  • 95,000 rules JavaScript
  • 1.300 interconnected database tables

B4Y Services

B4Y Services is a young enthusiastic company, no-nonsenses with a lot of experience in insurance fort property- and business-interruption.

The knowledge and experience we gained comes from the local market and the Co-insurance market (Insurance-bourse at Amsterdam and Rotterdam).
The VNAB is the represented organisation of the bourse. Members are Insurance-Companies, Insurance-Brokers and Insurance-Agencies. Read further »