In addition to the aforementioned services, we have designed a highly advanced system. Flexible Underwriting Registration Software Tool (Furst) Furst is a unique system designed for insurance companies dealing with business insurances.

FURST is Insuretech and artificial intelligence in one system ready for the future

Business Fire Insurance:
Based on many criteria, a premium indicator is automatically issued and underwriting-capacity is calculated for more than 1,500 different types of companies and institutions

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FURST is an unique system developed for the insurance-market who underwrite property- and business-interruption insurance.
On the basis of destination, quality, process, prevention, fire load, fire extension etc. FURST calculate automatically calculate an advice premium and advice underwriting-capacity.
The calculation is possible for almost 1400 different kind of industries and organisations.

This system is perfect for companies who want to be sure the underwriter doing their business by the guide-lines (protection of not desirable underwriting). Furthermore, the underwriter is backed-up by FURST. Read further »